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Traffic Management Center (TMC) Staffing & Support

A traffic management center (TMC) represents the nerve center of transportation operations. Our team understands all aspects of this important facility – how to manage, operate, staff, develop and integrate TMC systems. We deliver solutions that allow TMC operators to gain and maintain situational awareness, provide accurate traveler information, and achieve all facets of interagency coordination.

Our Expertise

Staffing & Technology Solutions
In the demanding, fast-paced TMC environment, staffing is a consistent challenge for TMC managers. We deliver on-site staffing and staffing plan solutions that ensure appropriate staffing levels for an optimal incident response rate while avoiding overstaffing costs.  We focus on training and training program development for TMC operators and safety service patrol (SSP) teams.
In many cases, the success of transportation operations can be measured through the performance of a TMC. We plan, design, and implement ITS tools, operating procedures, national incident management system (NIMS) integration, automatic vehicle locating software and hardware, and more. Our methods and tools ensure efficient and effective operations at our clients’ TMCs.

TMC Staffing & Support Services

Featured Services

  • Automatic vehicle locating software and hardware
  • Concept of operations development 
  • Incident response plan creation and maintenance
  • Interagency coordination 
  • IT services
  • National Incident Management System (NIMS) integration
  • On-site staffing and staffing plans
  • Safety service patrol dispatching and monitoring
  • Standard operating procedure creation and maintenance
  • Training and training program development.

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