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GSA Schedules

Baltimore Employees On Project Site - Gannett Fleming

  • 00CORP - Consolidated schedule offering professional engineering and environmental services 
  • 70 – General purpose commercial IT equipment, software, and services

General Services Administration (GSA) schedules give quick access to consultants pre-qualified by the GSA. We offer a broad range of services under the GSA schedules listed below. Also below, you can find information on specific rules, contracts, and our Federal team members.

GSA Order Information

GSA Sole-Source Orders
You can sole-source a GSA order if it is below the micro-purchase threshold of $2,500, with documentation of the circumstances if it is between the $2,500 and the simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000, or with a limited-sources justification if it exceeds the $150,000 threshold. 

BPA Agreements and Orders Exceeding the $150,000 Threshold
An order exceeding the $150,000 threshold or a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) requires that you distribute an RFQ to multiple schedule contractors as practicable – typically through the GSA eBuy system – in order to receive at least three quotes on the RFQ.

Limited-Sources Justification
Any limited-sources justification must be approved by the competition advocate if the value exceeds $650,000 and must be approved by the head of the procuring activity if the value exceeds $12,500,000. Ordering agencies do not have to synopsize orders and BPAs in FedBizOpps unless they use a limited sources justification.

Six Steps to Using Our GSA Schedule

  1. Develop a scope of work and transmit it to your organization's procurement agent. Not sure who to contact? Let us know, and we'll put you in touch with a GSA representative who can help.
  2. The procurement agent prepares a Request for Proposal (RFP) and transmits it to us.
  3. We respond to your RFP with a proposal.
  4. You and the procurement agent review our proposal, and if necessary, clarify or negotiate terms with us.
  5. The procurement agent issues a task order to us.
  6. We complete the task order.

Resource Information


  • Our GSA Contracts Include:

    Contract NumberGS-00F-114CA
    Expires: April 22, 2020
    Catalog/Price List
    Schedule: 00CORP –  Consolidated schedule
    Corporate Contacts: Mark Metil, engineering services, Email Mark; Bill Plumpton, environmental services, Email Bill 

    Contract NumberGS-35F-0276U
    Expires: February 26, 2018
    Catalog/Price List
    Schedule: 70 – General purpose commercial information technology equipment, software, and services
    Corporate Contact: Sonja Schultheis, Email Sonja