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Oxnard Wastewater Division Operations Support

Program management and infrastructure assessment strengthens service for California community.
  • Exterior shot of Oxnard wastewater treatment plant - Gannett Fleming.

    The team provided oversight and operations management for the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

  • Exterior of the advanced water purification facility - Gannett Fleming.

    The project included modifying and restarting the city’s advanced water purification facility.

  • View of new collection system at the wastewater treatment plant in Oxnard, California - Gannett Fleming.

    The team conducted a comprehensive condition assessment of all collection facilities.

City of Oxnard

Oxnard, California

Our Role
Operations Management.

37 mgd and 6.25 mgd 
3 years
  • Wastewater operations and maintenance managed for city of 210,000 residents
  • Recommissioning of water purification plant provides 6.25 million gallons daily
  • Groundwater desalter recommissioning saves monthly $500,000 water import costs
  • System repair and replacement needs identified to assist long-term planning

To help oversee and manage city wastewater operations for 210,000 residents, Oxnard, California, turned to KEH & Associates, now a business group of Gannett Fleming. The firm served as program manager for the city’s Wastewater Division Operations Support Program, which includes a 37-mgd wastewater treatment plant, 6.25-mgd advanced water purification facility (AWPF), collection system, stormwater system, and source control department. Services included oversight and management of plant and collection system operations and maintenance, regulatory compliance oversight, process engineering services, safety training, operator training, and plant optimization services.

Under the program, the team undertook a complete condition assessment and recommissioning of the city’s AWPF, recycled water distribution system, and groundwater desalter facility. The team also led the development of a comprehensive environmental management system (EMS), which provides a framework for achieving environmental monitoring goals. KEH also oversaw treatment compliance with all permitting agencies, coordinated utility services, and updated the collection system management and reporting documents to maintain regulatory compliance.

What We Did

Modifying and restarting the AWPF enabled the daily delivery of 6.25 million gallons of advanced treated water for irrigation, agricultural use, and industrial applications. As part of the facility assessment and recommissioning process, the team developed a comprehensive operator training program and coordinated with process system suppliers for manufacturer training support and updates. Startup of the groundwater desalter enabled the city to deliver 2 million gallons of recycled water to customers daily, saving $500,000 a month in imported water costs.

The team’s work included serving as an extension of staff for the wastewater division manager, chief plant operator, and technical services manager and performing comprehensive condition assessments of all wastewater treatment, advanced water treatment, and collection facilities. The team provided all health and safety training in accordance with OSHA, CalOSHA, and City of Oxnard operational policies and operator training for the AWPF. It also undertook a stormwater management assessment of beachfront development in the city and prepared conceptual plans and capital estimates for a new stormwater drainage network to protect properties against flooding. After completion of operations support, all city wastewater facilities remained in regulatory compliance, with recommended repair and replacement projects identified and planned.

Key Features

  • AWPF modifications and startup provide advanced treated water for industry and farming.
  • Groundwater desalter startup provides potable water, eliminating need for costly imports.
  • Comprehensive EMS facilitates environmental stewardship and reduces risk of noncompliance.

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