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New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 14A Improvements

Enhancement project improves the New Jersey Turnpike’s most problematic northern interchange.
  • Aerial view of the New Jersey Turnpike’s 14A Interchange with State Route 440 - Gannett Fleming.

    The project strengthens the turnpike connection to Bayonne’s streets and waterfront port district.

  • Aerial view of stretch over the interchange that includes two bridges - Gannett Fleming.

    Improvements include four new bridges and three widened or modified bridges.

  • Officials in a line shoveling dirt during project’s groundbreaking ceremony - Gannett Fleming.

    State, county, and local officials touted the project’s benefits at the groundbreaking ceremony.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority


Hudson County, New Jersey

Our Role
Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Studies, Final Design, Construction Management Services.

2 miles
Construction Cost
$300 million
In progress
  • Reduced traffic congestion for approximately 50,000 motorists per day
  • Improved access to waterfront port district to encourage economic activity
  • Increased toll plaza capacity by 15 percent to improve interchange traffic flow.

Identified as the New Jersey Turnpike’s most problematic northern interchange, the 14A connection between the Hudson County Extension (HCE) and New Jersey Route 440, Port Jersey Boulevard, and Bayonne streets needed critical improvements. The interchange handles approximately 50,000 vehicles, including 6,000 trucks, each weekday, providing vital access to the Bayonne-Jersey City waterfront port commerce district. Its substandard geometric features and poor access to and from Route 440 resulted in accidents, traffic delays, and failing operations.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) retained Gannett Fleming to study and design interchange improvements that would relieve traffic congestion, enhance safety, and accommodate planned development in the area. The design included four new bridges, three modified bridges, extensive upgrades to the 14A toll plaza, and a new intelligent transportation system (ITS) building. It successfully achieves the NJTA objective of handling future traffic volume by optimizing operational improvements and minimizing construction costs, property acquisitions, and impacts on the environment and surrounding community.

What We Did

During the preliminary phase, the team developed more than 40 potential concepts and configurations to improve interchange geometrics and operating conditions. The final design required the demolition and replacement of two large connector bridges and the construction of three additional new bridges. Each one incorporated some degree of horizontal curvature that required the use of curved steel beams and careful cross-framing to create stable structures. Three other bridges were widened or modified as part of the project to increase their capacities. The team designed new girders to support two bridges that needed portions of their decks and parapets removed while they were widened.

The project involved the demolition of one side of the existing toll utility building to accommodate two new lanes in the toll plaza, which increased the plaza’s capacity by 15 percent, reducing traffic congestion. To incorporate the lanes into the tunnel and canopy, the team designed tie-ins to existing HVAC, security, data, fire protection, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Renovations to the toll utility building and extensive repairs to the tunnel, booths, and canopy ensure that the facilities operate at maximum efficiency. As a construction management subconsultant, our firm is providing construction supervision services for the toll facility, confirming that all building and toll plaza work is done in compliance with contract plans and specifications.

Key Features

  • Four new bridges improve connections between the HCE and S.R. 440
  • Three widened or modified bridges increase interchange capacity
  • Two new toll lanes reduce traffic congestion and delays
  • Toll utility building renovations enhance operational efficiency
  • New ITS building facilitates advanced traffic analysis and coordination.

Awards & Recognition

  • Award of Merit/Highway and Bridge, New York Region, 2019, Engineering News-Record (ENR), Regional Best Projects
  • Distinguished Engineering Award, 2015, New Jersey Alliance for Action, Eagle Awards.

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