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NJTA Headquarters Building Backup Data Center

Renovated facility ensures 24/7 operational continuity of critical data center functions.
  • Data center equipment racks sit on a raised floor with exposed ceilings and new energy efficient LED light fixtures above - Gannett Fleming.

    The team was challenged to provide necessary infrastructure within the building’s low floor-to-ceiling heights.

  • Existing 15-story concrete and glass office building - Gannett Fleming.

    The new backup data center is located on the second floor of the former Hess building.

  • New mechanical corridor lined with windows, piping, and mechanical/electrical equipment leading to another corridor of windows - Gannett Fleming.

    New mechanical corridors isolate windows and mechanical/electrical equipment from the data center.

  • Electrical equipment with overhead piping for wiring and a concrete wall in the background - Gannett Fleming.

    An opening was created within an existing concrete wall to add additional switchgear capacity.

  • Large black box containing new UPS equipment in front of automatic transfer switches and new cooling equipment - Gannett Fleming.

    The new 800 kW UPS was located on the first floor to free up space within the second floor data center.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Woodbridge, New Jersey

Our Role
Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, Civil/Site

6,600 sq. feet
Construction Cost
9 months
  • The new backup data center protects critical operations for New Jersey’s state roadways
  • Fully redundant power and HVAC systems keep data center equipment operational under adverse conditions
  • Full communications capabilities allow for seamless coordination with related state agencies
  • The design plan maximizes the use of available space and provides room for future equipment expansion. 

Superstorm Sandy stunned New Jersey’s infrastructure and impacted the Turnpike Authority’s existing Traffic Management Center. As a result, it became clear that a fully redundant (N+1) Backup Traffic Data Management Center was required to provide for the future protection of New Jersey’s state roadways. 

As part of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s (NJTA) 5-year multimillion Facility Improvement Program to bring the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway’s maintenance facilities up to modern standards, Gannett Fleming was retained to address the vulnerability of the Traffic Management Center. The project initially began with the design of a new stand-alone 13,500-square-foot backup Traffic Data Management Center. After NJTA purchased the former Hess Corporation building to serve as its new headquarters, our designers were tasked with converting the second floor of this building into NJTA’s new backup data center.

What We Did

Despite having previously served as a data center, the existing second floor configuration could not support NJTA’s equipment and infrastructure needs requiring the design team to gut and rebuild the space. Making the most of the 6,600 square feet and ensuring the continuous operation of vital data center functions were primary goals of the renovation. Large windows on two sides of the building contributed to unwanted heat loss and gain. In response, architects created an L-shaped hallway along the perimeter with windows and erected solid walls to isolate an interior space for the temperature-sensitive technology. To conserve room inside the data center, the hallways serve as mechanical corridors, housing all new electrical equipment, piping, and seven computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units that provide redundant systems for proper temperature, air distribution, and humidity control. Low ceiling heights in the existing building also were problematic. Designers strategically located mechanical and electrical equipment within the corridor to create shorter runs for ductwork, which allowed the raised flooring to be kept to a minimum level, and left ceilings exposed to maintain as much overhead height as possible.

A new uninterruptible power system (UPS) was located on the first floor to free up space within the second floor data center. Engineers also expanded the building’s switchgear capacity to provide additional power. The remodeled center has full communication capabilities with Turnpike Operations, Parkway Operations, New Jersey State Police, and the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The existing parking lot and access drives were reconfigured to maximize parking and increase safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Bollards were installed around the building’s two main entrances to minimize security risks.

Key Features

  • New mechanical corridors isolate windows and mechanical/electrical equipment from the data center
  • A new 800 kilowatt UPS ensures the continuous operation of the data center during a power outage
  • Seven CRAC units provide redundant cooling systems to protect temperature-sensitive technology
  • The reconfigured parking lot and access drives improve site mobility and safety.

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