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Hulton Bridge Replacement

The new Hulton Bridge replaces a Pittsburgh-area landmark and improves traveler mobility and safety throughout the region. 
  • The Hulton Bridge consists of green hybrid steel girders and stone pattern piers - Gannett Fleming

    The new, 1,633-foot-long Hulton Bridge crosses the Allegheny River and Norfolk Southern Railroad.

  • Traffic crosses the new Hulton Bridge in Oakmont, Pennsylvania – Gannett Fleming

    To improve traffic flow the new Hulton Bridge features four 11-foot lanes and 6-foot shoulders.

  • The Allegheny River as seen through a Hulton Bridge overlook – Gannett Fleming

    Arched pedestrian river overlooks line the Hulton Bridge’s sidewalks, providing views of the river.

  • Strand jacks lift a Hulton Bridge span into place – Gannett Fleming

    The Hulton Bridge erection marked the first time PennDOT utilized strand jacking on a steel girder bridge.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Oakmont, Pennsylvania

Our Role
Civil, Structural, Engineering.

1,633 feet
Construction Cost
$65 million
New Construction
3 years
  • New bridge increases mobility and improves safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Unique aesthetic elements replace the charm of the original bridge
  • First use of strand jacking on a steel girder bridge in Pennsylvania
  • Replacement of a structurally deficient and functionally obsolete truss bridge.

Located 12 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, the more than 100-year-old Jonathon Hulton Bridge provided efficient access to major regional transportation connections, including the State Route 28 and 910 interchanges and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Since 2008, the structure’s average daily traffic (ADT) counts increased by 25 percent, resulting in today’s ADT of 25,794 vehicles. The usage far surpassed the bridge’s capabilities, while at the same time the deteriorating bridge was functionally obsolete and structurally deficient.

Replacing the structure not only required a new bridge capable of handling the increasing traffic demands, but it would need to maintain the appeal of an architecturally unique structure with an iconic reputation. Gannett Fleming designed a 1,600-foot, four-lane steel girder bridge with original aesthetic elements to optimize the structure’s function and form.

What We Did

The Hulton Bridge replacement team was challenged to complete the project within a tight timeframe. With the United States Golf Association’s U.S. Open Championship set to be held in Oakmont during June 2016, PennDOT needed final design and construction completed in six years to accommodate the nearly 300,000 spectators expected to visit the area during the tournament.

The project team accelerated the design and construction schedules to meet the new timeline. Also, navigational channel restrictions forced the project team to develop a unique solution that would allow them to erect the main span over the navigational channel in less the 72-hours. The team turned to strand jacking, which marked the first time PennDOT used this procedure for a steel girder bridge. The new Hulton Bridge opened to traffic in October 2015. It improves safety, traffic level-of-service, and functionality, while providing an aesthetic quality fitting of the scenic Western Pennsylvania community.

Key Features

  • Four-span, continuous, hybrid steel girder structure over the Allegheny River
  • 20-foot deep haunched steel girder superstructure with 500-foot main span
  • Horizontal web splices to facilitate delivery and erection
  • Simple span with eight constant depth girders over the railroad
  • First-of-its-kind strand jacking erection technique for PennDOT
  • Construction during all four seasons
  • New turn lanes at each end of the structure
  • Colored random cut stone concrete pattern on all abutments, wingwalls, and piers.

Awards & Recognition

  • National Recognition Award, 2017, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), Engineering Excellence Awards
  • Grand Conceptor Award, 2016, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Pennsylvania, Engineering Excellence Awards
  • Project of the Year, 2016, Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania (ESWP)
  • Award of Merit, 2016, Engineering News-Record (ENR) MidAtlantic, Regional Best Projects Awards
  • Outstanding Highway Engineering Award, 2016, American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Pittsburgh Section
  • Eugene C. Figg, Jr. Medal for Signature Bridges, 2016, International Bridge Conference, Annual Eugene C. Figg, Jr. Award
  • Civil Engineering Achievement Award, 2015, Pittsburgh Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE Pittsburgh Section Awards
  • Outstanding New Major Bridge, 2015, Association for Bridge Design and Construction Pittsburgh Chapter, Bridge Awards
  • Transportation Project of the Year, 2015, March of Dimes, Transportation, Building and Construction Awards.

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