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New Jersey TRANSIT Substation Replacements

After Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey TRANSIT rebuilds stronger, more-resilient substations.

  • Aerial of Hoboken Rail Yard - Gannett Fleming

    The Hoboken site will have two 2,000 kVA transformers in a main-tie-main scheme.

  • Beachfront view of Bay Head Substation - Gannett Fleming

    Rendering of Bay Head Substation, where electrical equipment will be elevated above projected flood levels.

New Jersey TRANSIT

Subconsultants: JCMS, Inc.; NAIK Consulting Group, P.C.; SA Engineering, LLC; SJH Engineering, P.C.; Sowinski Sullivan Architects, P.C.

Kearny, Hoboken, and Bay Head, New Jersey

Our Role
Planning, Design, Engineering, Construction Services.

Six substations
In progress
  • New resiliency features guard against future storm events 
  • Substations are rebuilt at higher elevations and with a greater level of redundancy
  • Building aesthetics integrate with surrounding communities.

Hurricane Sandy's massive size and larger-than-expected storm surge caused unprecedented flooding and damage to transit systems, knocking trees into tracks and transmission lines and flooding stations and maintenance yards. In the aftermath of the storm, Gannett Fleming has been working with New Jersey TRANSIT to support rebuilding efforts of six substations in Kearny, Hoboken, and Bay Head, New Jersey. 

Taking this challenge head on, our firm is providing a full complement of design services, including support from our power and electrical, transit and rail, architectural, environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, and civil practice teams. The strategy is not only to repair and replace equipment to restore service but to incorporate resiliency measures intended to withstand future challenges of Mother Nature.

What We Did

Our work involves replacing damaged substation infrastructure and incorporating resiliency and flood prevention features at the Hoboken Terminal/Yard, the Meadows Maintenance Complex, and Bay Head Yard locations. Our efforts include design of general power substations, traction power substations, switching substations, and related facilities.

While each location requires specific enhancements and capacity improvements, our extensive role involves managing and coordinating the civil, electrical, architectural, structural, geotechnical, and mechanical disciplines, as well as managing environmental activities. This breadth and depth of service requires our close coordination with overall program management, the program environmental consultant, and multiple contract firms for program-wide environmental compliance, design, and construction consistency. Also, we are performing risk management reviews of the project’s design, schedule, and budget and attending team meetings to facilitate the project's success.

Key Features

  • Structures elevated from the ground protect against future storm surges
  • Emergency generators provide full load backup in the event of utility power outages
  • Façade of Hoboken Depot Substation is restored to historic appearance
  • Bay Head Substation masonry reflects details of buried rubble wall that saved the community during Hurricane Sandy.

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