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Dry Cleaning Facility Site Investigation

Subsurface soil investigations to reveal impacts to site from dry cleaning services.
  • Shopping center–Gannett Fleming

    Litigation support services were performed for a dry cleaning business nestled amid a commercial shopping center.

Confidential Client

Western U.S.

Our Role
Environmental Consultant.

In Progress
  • Litigation support services for a former dry cleaning owner

  • Detailed historical records review

  • Third-party technical review.

The current owner of a dry cleaning business initiated a sub-slab soil vapor survey on the site, which detected elevated levels of chlorinated volatile organic compounds (VOC). Our client, the previous owner of the dry cleaning facility, was notified that, as the former property owner, participating in future subsurface investigations may be required to remediate contaminate impacts related to the dry cleaning operations. 

What We Did

Gannett Fleming was retained by the former owner and former owner’s legal counsel to provide input regarding the technical and overall regulatory approach for the site investigation and potential remediation. We were hired to provide environmental consulting services, including litigation support; third-party technical review; historical records review; and development of timeline(s) for historical property operations to assess potential liability of various responsible parties. Additionally, we evaluated contaminant impacts and likely remedial alternative(s).

Key Features

  • Site visit and historical record research

  • Third-party review of work plan for site investigation activities

  • Development of historical timeline(s) to graphically illustrate potential liability to various responsible parties.

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