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Transit Company adds CNG Bus and Fueling Equipment

BeST Transit acquires new CNG Bus and equipment for CNG fueling station.
  • Single tower dryer being set in place–Gannett Fleming

    The single-tower dryer, an integral component to remove moisture from the natural gas, is being set in place at the Dandi Mart site in Sayre, Pennsylvania.

  • Endless Mountains

    Endless Mountains Transportation Authority’s headquarters building, located in Athens, Pennsylvania.

  • CNG-fueled bus–Gannett Fleming

    BeST Transit’s CNG fueled bus, providing clean, efficient travel for Endless Mountains’ riders.

BeST Transit, formally known as Endless Mountains Transportation Authority

Athens, Pennsylvania

Our Role
Performance Specifications Preparation for CNG Fueling Station Equipment, Bid- and Construction-Phase Services, Construction Management Services.

Construction Cost
New Construction
1 year
  • Prepared performance specifications to purchase CNG fueling station equipment 
  • Completed a study for a new CNG maintenance building in Sayre, Pennsylvania
  • Provided bid-phase, construction-phase, and construction management services.

Endless Mountains Transportation Authority, now known as BeST Transit, is updating its aging bus fleet by adding new, compressed natural gas (CNG) buses. Its existing bus fleet runs an average of 1,000 miles per week and has reached its life expectancy. 

Positioning itself to take advantage of the increased availability of CNG resources and the decreased costs associated with operating CNG fueled buses, BeST Transit seized the opportunity to apply for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Environmental Protection’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) Program. BeST used the $600,000 in AFIG Program funds toward the purchase of a new CNG bus and CNG fueling equipment.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming provided professional services to prepare the performance specifications for the purchase of the CNG fueling station equipment. We provided bid-phase, construction-phase, and construction management services. We assisted BeST Transit with its addition of the CNG fueling station, which is fully operational.

We completed a Technical Memorandum for a new CNG code-compliant maintenance building at BeST Transit’s Sayre location. We also completed a CNG fueling station feasibility study, a CNG code-compliance assessment of its existing maintenance facility, and provided an opinion of cost for these improvements at its Mansfield, Pennsylvania, location.

Key Features

  • Provided performance specifications for CNG fueling station equipment purchase
  • Provided bid-phase services and on-site construction management services
  • Prepared the Technical Memorandum for the CNG code-compliant maintenance facility
  • Prepared CNG fueling station feasibility study and code-compliance inspection.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Reuse existing maintenance facility, with minor modifications, for CNG code-compliant maintenance facility in Mansfield
  • CNG fuel produces fewer undesirable gases than gasoline and diesel fuels
  • Lower maintenance costs are realized with CNG, contributing to a longer engine life.

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