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Loudoun Water Utility Management Applications

GeoDecisions uses Esri®, Apple®, and Microsoft® technology to mobilize and integrate enterprise systems.
  • Loudoun Water Utility Management – Gannett Fleming

    GeoDecisions mobile workflow management applications are affordable, convenient, and user friendly.

Loudoun Water

Ashburn, Virginia

Our Role
Application Development.

60,000 water service connections
1 year
  • Implemented mobile platform featuring Esri, Apple, and Microsoft technologies
  • Improved hydrant flushing and cross connection and backflow inspections
  • Integrated field applications with GIS and IT through middleware approach.

As an extension of its field service campaign, Loudoun Water wanted to develop a sustainable and mobile work management program to increase worker productivity while reducing costs. To accomplish this objective, GeoDecisions, the geospatial information technology (IT) division of Gannett Fleming, created a middleware platform to act as an intermediary between hydrant flushing and inspection field applications with Loudoun’s existing enterprise geographic information system (GIS) and computer maintenance management systems.

GeoDecisions’ affordable, smart technology efforts mobilized utility staff inspection, operation, maintenance, and customer service workflows. As a result, greater opportunities exist to expand operations within Loudoun Water’s 60,000-connection service area. 

What We Did

GeoDecisions developed two mobile applications for Loudoun Water’s workforce, including hydrant flushing and cross-connection/backflow inspection. Meter-related services include reading, turn-on, shut-off, and installation. By tracking how long a hydrant is turned on, how much fuel a technician’s truck uses, and where personnel are located, our IT approach generates intelligent data. We used the Esri ArcGIS platform, Apple iOS technology, and Microsoft SQL server to mobilize and integrate Loudoun enterprise applications.

Key Features

  • Central access point
  • Flexible IT architecture
  • GIS implementation
  • Intelligent utility data.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Improved utility operations minimizes carbon footprint
  • Measuring vehicle fuel reduces consumption
  • Timing how long hydrants are turned monitors potable water use.

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