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Floodplain Map Modernization Program

Using the latest GIS technologies, updated flood risk maps improve community safety through flood potential awareness.
  • Flood hazard depth and analysis grid - Gannett Fleming

    Flood hazard depth grids and analysis grids were developed to aid local officials in risk assessment and mitigation.

  • Advanced flood insurance rate map - Gannett Fleming

    Flood insurance rate maps were created using newly developed and communities' flood hazard information.

  • H&H analysis locations in six counties in Pennsylvania - Gannett Fleming

    Custom GIS tools were developed to complete automated H&H analyses along thousands of stream miles.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Region III

Stantec (formerly Greenhorne & O'Mara)

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and West Virginia

Our Role
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Hydrology and Hydraulics, Surveying, Floodplain Mapping, Community Outreach, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Risk Assessment.

22 counties across 5 states
10 years
  • Updated floodplain maps increased community flood risk awareness
  • Developed a suite of GIS tools to improve hydrologic and hydraulic (H&H) modeling and floodplain mapping production efficiency and overall quality
  • $8 million in task orders completed without a single request for additional funding
  • Scheduling provided flexibility, helping FEMA and reviewers meet performance metrics.

Beginning in 2004, FEMA contracted with Gannett Fleming to improve and update the nation’s flood maps and to provide communities with digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). Gannett Fleming used state-of-the-art technology and advanced engineering to increase the quality, reliability, and availability of flood hazard maps and data and employed a collaborative process to involve all stakeholders. The project helped local communities prepare for and mitigate flood damages and better manage their future flood risk. Since 2004, there have been two 5-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts to support FEMA's flood map modernization.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming developed more than 22 new modernized Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) and 2,000 DFIRM panels for more than 750 local communities. Our firm provided extensive community coordination and collected flood hazard and field survey information across the Region for efficient analysis, mapping, and deliverables production in accordance with FEMA specifications and regulations. For two dozen task orders, Gannett Fleming provided end-to-end flood map production services using an automated GIS environment.

Since map modernization, Gannett Fleming has been providing production and technical services in support of FEMA’s Risk MAP Program. Tasks have included validating flood hazard engineering and mapping, developing guidelines for the evaluation of risk-based hydrologic safety of dams, managing the acquisition of LiDAR while providing quality control, and conducting Risk MAP flood studies across the southeast. Our firm led negotiations and managed more than a dozen task orders totaling more than $8 million without a single request for additional funding. All task orders were completed on or ahead of schedule. Internal deadlines were scheduled at least a month before external delivery to FEMA or its independent reviewers to provide flexibility, which helps FEMA and its reviewers meet performance metrics.

Key Features

  • Completed floodplain analyses and mapping for more than 5,000 stream miles and performed field survey for more than 1,000 stream miles using conventional and Global Positioning System (GPS) techniques
  • Completed detailed H&H analyses and floodplain mapping, using custom automated GIS tools, along more than 100 stream miles in five different counties
  • Developed custom GIS software called the DFIRM Development Kit (DDK) to improve DFIRM database production and overall quality of deliverables
  • Developed numerous advanced GIS tools to support automated H&H modeling, floodplain mapping, and risk assessments
  • Actively participated in initial community scoping and project coordination meetings
  • Managed the collection of LiDAR data for multiple counties and provided quality assurance and control
  • Provided post-flood services, including high-water mark collection and the development of flood risk products using GIS and Hazus
  • Performed independent quality assurance/quality control of work completed by our joint venture partner, cooperative technical partners, and other FEMA contractors.

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