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Bluegrass Water Supply

Expert analysis identifies plan to meet central Kentucky water demand through 2030 and beyond.
  • Kentucky River Pool 3 water treatment plant-Gannett Fleming

    The study became the basis of design for the Kentucky River Pool 3 water treatment plant.

  • Potential intake pumping station water treatment plant sites-Gannett Fleming

    Gannett Fleming identified sites for a new water intake, pump station, and water treatment plant.

  • Intake raw water pumping station treatment plant sites-Gannett Fleming

    The study narrowed down the intake, raw water pumping station, and treatment plant sites.

  • Treated water main transmission route-Gannett Fleming

    The final exhibit shows the main transmission route of the treated water.

Kentucky American Water

Central Kentucky

Our Role
Analysis, Report Preparation, Consulting.

2 years
  • Comprehensive regional water supply study provided cost-effective alternatives
  • Conceptual-level design created for Kentucky River Pool 3 water treatment plant
  • Permitting and expert witness support navigated complex regulatory oversight.

Plagued by recurring drought and water deficits, central Kentuckians demanded a long-term water supply solution. Gannett Fleming delivered, analyzing the water supply needs of nearly 120,000 Kentucky American Water (KAW) customers and creating sustainable solutions.

As engineering consultant, Gannett Fleming developed a comprehensive study that became the basis of design for the Kentucky River Pool 3 water treatment plant (WTP) and led to more than $165 million in infrastructure improvements. Our firm’s expert guidance enabled KAW to deliver exceptional quality water to its customers through 2030 and beyond.

What We Did

KAW authorized Gannett Fleming to review and summarize key reports that described KAW and regional water supply deficiencies; review KAW’s water demand projections; identify KAW source of supply and treatment capacity deficiencies; calculate estimated costs of constructing and operating the KAW Kentucky River Pool 3 WTP; and compare costs of several water supply alternatives. The findings of this investigation were documented in a comprehensive water supply study.

As a result of initial findings, KAW authorized Gannett Fleming to advance the concept of building a new water treatment plant; in effect, performing some of the preliminary design services and developing detailed financial analyses during the study. Gannett Fleming also completed detailed investigations of water treatment processes, hydraulics, and the environmental and cultural impacts of potential pipeline routes. Additionally, we performed onsite environmental services, identifying potential permitting issues and providing expert witness testimony before regulatory agencies. Based on the water supply study, KAW announced to the Kentucky Public Service Commission that it would build a new treatment plant and transmission line by 2010. The final study provided a comprehensive summary of the original investigations, as well as the supplemental investigations, to help KAW deliver an adequate, dependable, and safe water supply.

Key Features

  • Reviewed and summarized existing water supply reports
  • Projected KAW future water demand
  • Evaluated alternatives to address source of supply and treatment capacity deficiencies
  • Evaluated water treatment plant locations
  • Determined life cycle costs
  • Conducted route studies for raw and finished water pipelines
  • Identified storage and booster pumping facilities
  • Provided expert witness testimony before regulatory agencies.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Determined the safe yield that could be withdrawn from Pool 3 of the Kentucky River.

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