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Kentucky River Station II Raw Water Facilities

KRS II increases reliable drinking water capacity in Kentucky and helps meet water demands through 2030 and beyond.
  • Kentucky Water Treatment Plant – Gannett Fleming

    Innovative jet grouting application used to install 80-foot-deep raw water pump caisson.

Kentucky American Water

Layne Heavy Civil and W. Rogers Company

Owenton, Kentucky

Our Role
Bidding, Design, Construction Support, Environmental Permitting, Operations and Maintenance Manual.

Nearly 40 acres
New Construction
2 years 3 months
  • Finished nine months ahead of schedule compared to similar raw water projects

  • Helps meet central Kentucky community water demands

  • Provides industry blueprint for raw water construction.

Kentucky’s largest investor-owned water utility, Kentucky American Water (KAW) was challenged to meet increasing demands from nearly 120,000 water customers affected by recurring droughts and supply shortages. KAW concluded that the water supply deficit would grow to nearly 30 million-gallons-per-day (mgd) in upcoming decades, and improvements to existing treatment facilities would not meet demands. As a result, Gannett Fleming designed Kentucky River Station (KRS) II to withdraw raw water from Kentucky River Pool 3 through creative connections to a 20 (expandable to 30) mgd water treatment plant.

At Pool 3, three submerged intake screens pipe water to a raw water sump 80 feet underground installed through jet grouting, a unique application for this type of construction. Pumps deliver raw water that traverses a 200-foot-high river bluff at a 40 degree angle through a 42-inch pipeline to the plant. KRS II connects to a flexible KAW water supply grid with room for expansion.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming designed a river intake and raw water facilities including a pumping station, access road, and pipeline to the KRS II treatment plant. Because challenging site conditions required creativity, we developed deep foundation and process concepts that maximize plant efficiency. Services included civil, structural, architectural, instrumentation, electrical, mechanical, and stormwater and erosion control design; environmental permitting; bid and construction support; and an operation and maintenance manual.

Unique for raw water facility construction, jet grouting for KRS II provided higher compressive soil strengths compared to other installation methods. Cement grout was injected at a high pressure to form a soil-cement column, necessary because riverbank soil was not capable of supporting the pump station caisson structure installation. The Pool 3 river intake consists of three wedgewire barrel screens submerged to ensure that passing barge traffic does not interfere with plant operations and built on pile foundations protected with diversion walls.

Key Features

  • Designed and constructed vertical tunnel to install 26-foot-wide by 80-foot-deep raw water pump caisson

  • Designed and constructed 42-inch pipeline that scales a 40-degree, 200-foot-high bluff to the KRS II treatment plant

  • Developed multi-use pipeline piers to support raw water, electrical service, and utility pipelines along the river bluff

  • Provided structure support four 500- and 700-horsepower raw water pumps.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Clean-in-place intake screens protect aquatic life and increase hydraulic efficiency
  • Functional/compact design that carefully navigates lush river setting
  • Minimal impact to central Kentucky residents, including horse farm owners
  • Safe yield evaluation determined Pool 3 as optimal river intake source.

Awards & Recognition

  • Grand Conceptor Award, 2013, ACEC Kentucky, Engineering Excellence Awards Competition.

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