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Harwoods Mill 48-Inch Raw Water Transmission Main

A new water pipeline makes a vital connection in Newport News.
  • Water main project image—Gannett Fleming

    This critical water main project was completed under budget and ahead of schedule.


City of Newport News Waterworks

Newport News, Virginia

Our Role
Design, Engineering, Construction Inspection, Archaeological Investigation.

4,717 linear feet
3 years
  • Finished 23 days ahead of schedule

  • Completed $20,000 under budget.

For more than a century, Newport News Waterworks has provided service to this historic area. As the organization seeks to update aging infrastructure, it strikes a balance between the demands of the growing community, fiscal restraints, and integration with other renewal projects. 

For the Harwoods Mill raw water pipeline project, a staged approach to improvements dating back to the early 1990s was necessary. Previous improvement work had replaced more than 50,000 linear feet of the main in two areas. However, a section connecting the two had been put on hold because of uncertain development in the proposed corridor.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming provided design, engineering, and construction inspection services for 4,717 linear feet of ductile iron raw water transmission main. The 48-inch-diameter pipeline connects two previously completed sections of water main. Work included the verification of the location of a 1940s-era, 34- and 39-inch pipeline that paralleled the alignment of the new pipe. The team updated the previous design plan, profile, and details, and reviewed constructability issues for prestressed-concrete cylinder pipe and ductile iron pipe. 

The project location presented unique challenges. Because of its proximity to the Endview Plantation historic site, an extensive archaeological investigation was required. In addition, because there were wetlands on the project site, our firm prepared and submitted a Joint Permit Application on behalf of Newport News Waterworks. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a Nationwide Permit #12 prior to the advertisement date of the construction contract.

Key Features

  • Fast-track design schedule

  • Wetlands and creek crossings

  • Interconnections with existing mains

  • Alternative materials used, including prestressed-concrete cylinder pipe and ductile iron pipe.

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