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Lynwood City Redevelopment Area

Lynwood City, California, uses $1.5 million Emergency, Abandoned, and Recalcitrant (EAR) Account Program grant award for brownfield site cleanup.

  • Soil vapor extraction equipment, part of the vacuum enhanced LNAPL recovery system - Gannett Fleming

    New soil vapor extraction equipment installation as part of the vacuum enhanced LNAPL recovery system.

  • Equipment compound, which doubled the extraction capacity of the existing system- Gannett Fleming

    Gannett Fleming designed and installed this equipment compound to double the extraction capacity of the existing system.

  • LNAPL recovery pipe, part of the new LNAPL recovery system - Gannett

    LNAPL recovery pipe installation for the new LNAPL recovery system.

City of Lynwood, California

Lynwood, California

Our Role
Brownfield Consulting, Soil Investigation, Soil Vapor Investigation, Groundwater Sampling Investigation, Remediation System Design and Installation, Groundwater Remediation System Operation and Maintenance.

6 acres
Construction Cost
3 years
  • Site contaminants are gasoline and fuel oxygenates
  • Remediation system was designed, installed, and operated
  • Obstacles hindered remediation effort - recalcitrant owner and funding
  • Our commitment to the project permitted remediation activities to commence.

The City of Lynwood (City), California, has a “Healthy City Initiative,” which strives to collaborate with schools, neighborhoods, and businesses to improve the health and overall quality of life within its boundaries. The City decided this 6-acre remediation project would be the catalyst to improve the environmental justice issues that plague its community. 

Historical operations, including gasoline and volatile organic compounds released by leaking underground storage tanks at the gas station, as well as solvent spills at the former dry cleaning shop, resulted in widespread soil and groundwater impacts at this site. Previous attempts to remediate the soil and groundwater impacts had failed to adequately reduce concentrations, and remediation funding was quickly depleted. The responsible parties either ran out of funds or were recalcitrant in dealing with the contamination. The City applied for and received a $1.5 million Emergency, Abandoned, and Recalcitrant (EAR) Account Program grant from the California Water Boards to clean up the Lynwood Springs Redevelopment Area. The EAR program provides funding to abate emergency situations or to clean up abandoned or recalcitrant sites that pose a threat to human health, safety, and the environment as a result of a petroleum release from an underground storage tank. An additional $1.5 million grant has been applied for from the California Water Boards Orphan Site Fund.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming Project Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Gannett Fleming Affiliates, conducted the necessary environmental remediation services, which included the design, installation, and operation of a remediation system. We installed a vacuum-enhanced light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) recovery system with 18 recovery wells to remediate the primary site contaminants:  gasoline and fuel oxygenates methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) and tert-butyl alcohol (TBA). 

Our firm was on site to provide guidance, document the process, conduct inspections, and coordinate the details with the construction team. The LNAPL recovery system was successful in removing the gasoline from the subsurface. Work was performed under local governmental and environmental regulations.

Key Features

  • Remediation of 6-acre site, including both commercial, residential, and city-owned properties
  • Vacuum-enhanced LNAPL recovery system design, installation, and operation.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Remediation of MTBE and TBA from soil and groundwater allow for successful site redevelopment
  • Former contaminated site available for viable reuse; proposed re-use is for mixed development, including a shopping center, grocery store, and a drive-through restaurant.

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