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Chester-Ridley Creek Pumping Station and Force Main

Pumping station and force main position DELCORA ahead of service interruptions, costly repair, and environmental concerns.

  • Approximately 25 feet of solid rock was jack-hammered out for the pumping station—Gannett Fleming.

    Crew members watch as the first of four 250-horsepower pumps are lowered into the wet well.

  • Wet well with grit removal selected for pumping station—Gannett Fleming.

    Workers install rebar in the pumping station’s lower wet well.

Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority

Catania Engineering Associates, Inc., EMA, Inc.

Chester, Pennsylvania

Our Role
Preliminary Design, Final Design, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Plumbing, Architecture, Structural, Geotechnical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Erosion & Sedimentation Control, Storm Water Management, Construction Services, Start-Up Assistance.

Construction Cost
$14.4 million
New Construction
2 years 7 months
  • Successful completion allowed for decommissioning and demolition of existing plant
  • Decreased repair costs for maintaining aging infrastructure
  • Completed two months early, yielding $200,000 in revenue to DELCORA.

The existing Southwest Delaware County Municipal Authority (SWDCMA) Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in the 1970s and would have required costly capital improvements to comply with new effluent requirements set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. As part of Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority’s (DELCORA) Act 537 planning, SWDCMA approached DELCORA about the possibility of collecting and treating its wastewater as an alternative to constructing new facilities. DELCORA considered several alternatives, ultimately deciding that a new pumping station with a 14,800-foot-long force main from SWDCMA to DELCORA’s Western Regional Treatment Plant would be the most cost-effective option. 

What We Did

Gannett Fleming provided design and permitting services for the new Chester-Ridley Creek pumping station and force main. The force main alignment presented unique challenges including crossings under I-95; CSX, Conrail Freight, and Amtrak railways; and numerous utility conflicts throughout the city of Chester. The pumping station presented its own design and construction challenges due to its close proximity to other wastewater structures that had to remain in operation, a substantial amount of rock excavation due to depths in excess of 40 feet, and significant amounts of grit and screening material in the raw wastewater.

On behalf of DELCORA, Gannett Fleming estimated pumping station flows; performed environmental investigations and permitting; conducted geotechnical investigations; and performed design and permitting for storm water and erosion and sediment pollution measures. The firm also designed the pumping station, including electrical, mechanical, structural, and process design services. Gannett Fleming additionally assisted with construction services, including shop drawing reviews, requests for information responses, and field engineering. Upon completion, DELCORA heralded the firm for “meeting or exceeding all of the project requirements” and for doing a “first-class job.”

Key Features

  • Accommodates peak flow of 16.65 mgd
  • 5,100 LF of 32-inch, DR17, high-density polyethylene
  • 9,700 LF of 30-inch, Class 52, ductile iron pipe
  • Significant crossings, including interstates, roadway, railway, bridge, and stream
  • Four 250 horsepower, submersible pumps controlled by variable frequency drives
  • Vortex grit removal with grit washing classifier and dewatering system
  • 6.65 mgd (design flow) conveyed from SWDCMA former wastewater treatment plant site to DELCORA’s Western Regional Treatment Plant
  • Control panels from each system integrated into a full SCADA system and connected via radio to DELCORA’s system-wide SCADA system.

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