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Fluorspar Mine Studies

Providing geologic and mining expertise to evaluate the present status and future potential of three fluorspar mines.
  • Fluorspar processing facility-Gannett Fleming

    The fluorspar processing facility crushes and grinds the rock to unlock valuable minerals before separating them by flotation methods from the waste.

Confidential Client

Central America

Our Role
Mining Facility Operations, Process Design.

1.5 years
  • Assessed geologic and mining potential with site inspections and owner meetings
  • Estimated investment to reinitiate mining and production ramp-up schedule
  • Provided quarterly audits of mining progress.

Gannett Fleming conducted a due diligence study on three mines and their processing facilities. Primary concerns addressed were the geology; resources and reserves; available infrastructure and processing capability; and the capital needed to further develop these resources to meet desired rates of production and product quality. The mines had been inactive for more than a decade. Gannett Fleming provided quarterly audits of the rehabilitation and the return to production of the mines and processing facilities.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming conducted due diligence studies on three fluorspar mines where there were strong geologic indications that substantial additional reserves could be delineated. Our team made an independent assessment of each mine’s capability to produce the product, evaluated strengths and weaknesses, and identified the near term priorities for the site. We also evaluated the present process, the water supply available for adequacy, and gathered samples and data to investigate the feasibility of increasing process water recycle without jeopardizing final product quality. All locations were also evaluated for safety.

One mine was sufficiently developed at the surface and underground which allowed production levels to be rapidly ramped up with the addition of underground bulk haulage transport. The second mine required some surface development and infrastructure. The third site required more surface infrastructure and underground development before mining rates could be substantially increased. Each mine had access to a beneficiation plant suitable to process raw ore.  

Key Features

  • Inspected working mine areas, haulage systems, and processing plants
  • Reviewed current mining and production information, including problems and limitations
  • Reviewed future plans and priorities for each site
  • Participated in geology/mine planning reviews 
  • Mapped out water distribution in each processing plant
  • Inspected sources of process water for each site and gathered samples for later arsenic analysis.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Used recycled water in processing facilities.

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