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Mineral Exploration Support for Prospect Generation

Prospect generation and data conversion training from a trusted advisor. 
  • Exploration drilling for sample collection and transmission of electronic data to the client-Gannett Fleming

    Field activities included exploration drilling for sample collection and transmission of electronic data to the client.

Confidential Client

Southeastern U.S.

Our Role
Mining Exploration, Geotechnical, Geotechnical Laboratory Testing.

3 years
  • Participated in development of exploration strategies and prospect generation
  • Coached staff on use of exploration models and methods of prospect generation
  • Provided GIS training to the client’s personnel.

Gannett Fleming has provided exploration support to this multinational mining client for more than a decade, including services related to prospect generation and data conversion, land acquisition, field activities and due diligence, and geotechnical work.

What We Did

Our team served as technical advisor and mentor to the client’s exploration staff. In this capacity, we participated in the development of exploration strategies and the generation and evaluation of prospects, coached the staff on using exploration models and various methods of prospect generation and evaluation, evaluated third-party prospect submissions, and performed fatal flaw analyses. We also provided geographic information system (GIS) training to the client’s personnel.

Once prospects were identified, we set up a land office and implemented a program for negotiating the acquisition or divestiture of mineral rights, and negotiated business agreements for the exploration or development of minerals. Working with the client’s legal department, we researched records to determine ownership in minerals, reviewed the status of the title, and managed rights/obligations derived from ownership of interests in minerals. We also participated in developing guidelines for exploration agreements and mining leases. 

Key Features

  • As a result of integrating GIS mapping for parcel identification and the U.S. Title Search Network, our title due diligence process was completed more quickly
  • Our firm also provided personnel for logging drill holes and performing heavy-mineral percentage estimates.

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