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Hoadly Road Tank and Pump Station

Virginia’s largest investor-owned water utility provides compatible and functional infrastructure in a residential community.
  • Hoadly Road Tank and Pump Station—Gannett Fleming.

    A low-profile tank and thoughtfully designed pump station blend with the surrounding community.

  • Vertical turbine pumps—Gannett Fleming.

    Three vertical turbine pumps help avoid a costly below-grade clear well.

Virginia American Water

Dale City, Virginia

Our Role
Environmental Assessment, Permitting, Site Survey, Geotechnical, Hydraulic Modeling, Site Design, Facility Design, Bidding and Construction Services.

1 million gallons
Construction Cost
$2.2 million
New Construction
2 years 8 months
  • Improved service to meet peak demand requirements

  • Increased day-to-day system reliability

  • Architecturally compatible with neighboring residential community.

The Prince William County, Virginia, Potable Water Plan requires adequate water supply and system capacity to support planned growth in accordance with the densities and intensities of its Long-Range Use Plan and Map.  In addition, in the wake of Hurricane Isabel, the Virginia Department of Health imposed an increased water storage requirement to accommodate the water needs of communities during a natural disaster. 

Consistent with these requirements, Virginia American Water, the largest investor-owned water utility in the state, called on Gannett Fleming to evaluate and design a new 1 million gallon ground storage tank, triplex booster pumping station, SCADA system, and water main extensions in order to improve service in the high zone of the water distribution system serving the Prince William area. The result—a new water infrastructure system that would maintain water pressure, provide increased system reliability, improve fire flows to the surrounding communities, and make an additional 1 million gallons of water storage available. 

What We Did

Gannett Fleming was charged with balancing the client’s objectives with the aesthetic interests of the residential neighborhood surrounding the project. Zoning restrictions required the storage tank to be partially buried, which in turn led to the selection of vertical turbine “can” –type pumps to avoid a costly, below-grade clear well on the very small site. The pump station was required to work in tandem with an existing pump station and another storage tank in the system, which made advanced instrumentation and SCADA design and programming necessary. Extensive hydraulic modeling also was required to determine the optimum pump configuration. The water tank features a low-profile design, while the pump station has the architectural styling of a residential shed, complete with wood siding and a shingle-covered, gabled roof.

Gannett Fleming provided environmental assessment, permitting, site survey, geotechnical, hydraulic modeling, site design, facility design, and post-design construction phase services for the Hoadly Road project. This unique project was highlighted at the 2011 WaterJAM, hosted by the Virginia American Water Works Association and the Virginia Water Environment Association.

Key Features

  • 1 million gallon, 70-feet diameter, pre-stressed concrete storage tank

  • Pump station building equipped with a bridge crane

  • Three, 1.3 mgd, 50 horsepower, vertical turbine “can” pumps

  • Motor control center with soft-start provisions

  • Standby generator

  • Remote terminal unit/SCADA control system with local operator interface terminal

  • Site buffers and landscaping.

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