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Eagle Mine Humboldt Tailings Disposal Facility Seepage Cut-off Grouting Program

A grouting production program identifies and treats seepage zones. 

  • A grouting production program identifies and treats seepage zones--Gannett Fleming

    Grout holes were arranged along the centerline of the existing soil bentonite wall.

Lundin Mining Corporation

Marquette County, Michigan

Our Role
Coordination, Construction Management, Engineering Services.

Construction Cost
$4 million
  • Identified seepage between the bottom of soil bentonite wall and top of bedrock
  • Achieved adequate seepage reduction for mine closure.

A Grouting Production Program was conducted at the Eagle Mine Humboldt Tailings Disposal Facility in Marquette County, Michigan. The purpose of the production program was to mitigate seepage in the glacial soil deposits contained between an existing soil bentonite wall and the underlying quartzite bedrock foundation.

What We Did

As an initial part of the overall mine closure plan, our firm developed and oversaw the subsurface grouting test section and production grouting programs executed to identify and treat seepage below an existing soil bentonite wall. The wall was originally constructed to cut-off seepage from a mine tailings pond that was to be used for the disposal of waste rock generated from the processing of nickel and copper ore from the Eagle Mine.

Project elements included a 120-foot-long single line grout curtain test section and a 450-foot-long single line grout curtain production section. Our firm reviewed historical documents, geologic reports, subsurface exploration reports, and prior construction documents. We also provided development and oversight of two drilling and grouting programs; identification and location of permeable silty gravel zones; evaluation of the effectiveness of various grout types both chemical and cement based, and evaluation of the effectiveness of several grouting methods. We also oversaw the application and management of the IntelliGrout® system for computer monitoring and evaluation of grouting operations during both the test section and production grouting programs. In addition, the team assisted Eagle Mine in the solicitation of qualified specialty grouting contractors and the review of contractor bid proposals.

Key Features

  • Seepage reduction
  • Subsurface grouting program
  • Computer monitoring and evaluation of grouting results.

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