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Mine Water Passive Discharge Treatment System

Design-build approach helps meet accelerated construction and commissioning schedule.
  • Aerial view of passive mine discharge treatment system-Gannett Fleming

    Aerial view of passive mine discharge treatment system.

Confidential Client

West Virginia 

Our Role
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning.

6 months
  • Design-build approach used to construct passive discharge treatment system
  • Accelerated construction and commissioning schedule was met
  • Contamination reduction meets state requirements.

A confidential client requested a passive mine discharge treatment system for coal mine discharges emanated from closed deep mines in West Virginia. The client's facility was required by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to meet the discharge permit concentration level for a specific element. A significant reduction in the existing concentration was necessary.

What We Did

Our firm employed a design-build approach to construct the passive discharge treatment system. Phase I of the project included completion of an acceptable preliminary plan for the West Virginia DEP. Phase II involved site development, installation of erosion and sediment controls and the necessary piping for collection, flow distribution within the system, and outflow to the receiving engineered wetlands. Phase III involved the construction of the vertical flow cells, which included the installation of the drainage layer, geo-grid, and treatment media. 

The system was designed so that flow control and detention times could be adjusted for seasonal conditions. The small site dimensions presented a unique set of circumstances, requiring staging of materials and coordination of the project construction. An accelerated construction and commissioning schedule was met, and the necessary level of contaminant reduction was obtained for the facility to meet the state requirements.

Key Features

  • Completely passive system, with no pumps 
  • Eight modular vertical flow cells 
  • Linear low-density polyethylene liner 
  • AgriDrain flow control system 
  • 1,800 cubic yards of innovative filter media Pioneering drainage systems.

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