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Due Diligence Study on an Open Pit Polymetallic Mine

Expertise aids in mining investment decisions.
  • Desktop study reveals that favorable conditions exist for polymetallic mine-Gannett Fleming

    Desktop study reveals that favorable conditions exist for polymetallic mine.

Confidential Client

Southeast Asia 

Our Role
Mining Facility Operations, Process Design.

1 year
  • Concluded that favorable conditions exist for mining
  • Determined expected mine life of 16.3 years and production rate of 3.5 million tons
  • Provided suggestions for risk mitigation and final report of findings.

A confidential client requested a modified due diligence study of existing data, reports, and other pertinent and available documentation of an open pit polymetallic mine. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the recoverable tonnage would meet the promised criteria on a consistent basis. Determining the probability of success and the risks involved in meeting these criteria was of utmost importance.

Minerals produced at the mine included tungsten, copper, bismuth, and fluorspar. This polymetallic deposit is unique and complex, as are interrelated separation processes for the four mineral products. There was concern that potential contaminants in the ore reserve, or interactions among the various unit operations and processing reagents, could result in the final products not meeting specifications. 

What We Did

Gannett Fleming conducted a modified due diligence study of the proposed open pit polymetallic mine. To meet the project objective, the abbreviated due diligence study was divided into three areas—a geology review, a mine plan and equipment review, and a plant processing assessment

The first step was to define the data categories within each area that would be needed to satisfy the project objective. Next, existing data and reports were reviewed to determine whether critical data or information not supplied in the available documents would need to be obtained. Thirdly, available data and information regarding the mine site, including both geologic information and plant processing operations, was reviewed and analyzed, and presented in a report.

Key Features

  • Includes project area of 2,277 acres 
  • Due diligence study was performed as a desk top study.

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