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Kansas City Scout Traffic Incident Management Services

Driving a nationally-recognized motorist assist and traffic incident management program into the future.

  • Gannett Fleming evaluated the KC Scout TIM program and provided strategic actions-Gannett Fleming

    Gannett Fleming evaluated the KC Scout TIM program and provided strategic actions.

Missouri Department of Transportation

Kansas City, Missouri

Our Role
Traffic Operations Center Facilitation, Traffic Incident Management Coordination, Program Facilitation, Program Management.

3 years
  • Created a report summarizing the existing conditions
  • Developed a strategic plan
  • Evaluated traffic operations center, motorist assist program, and traffic incident management.

A joint operation of the Kansas Department of Transportation, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), and the Kansas and Missouri Highway Patrols, the KC Scout traffic incident management (TIM) program serves metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri, and is nationally recognized for its motorist assist program, stakeholder outreach, and focus on training. MoDOT brought in Gannett Fleming to evaluate the program and identify its future direction.

Two critical components to KC Scout TIM are the motorist assist program and the traffic operations center (TOC). A traffic operations center serves as the nerve center for TIM.  Gannett Fleming evaluated all components, including the motorist assist program and the TOC, and developed a report summarizing the existing conditions, the results of a facilitated executive direction setting session,  and a strategic action plan.

What We Did

To create the final report, Gannett Fleming utilized on-site interviews and an online survey tool to understand how partner agencies view the program.  The survey focused on the experiences agencies have had with the program, how the program has benefitted them, and how overall incident management has been affected by past efforts. The survey also aimed to collect ideas about how the program can sustain its momentum for improvement and how the program should evolve to encompass more partner commitment and improvement activities.

The evaluation compared KC Scout’s components to other states’ programs. This allowed Gannett Fleming to determine what performance-driven operational measures are applicable and desired, and what strategic activities need to take place to further improve responder safety and reduce non-recurring congestion.

Key Features

  • Comparison with other programs
  • Executive direction-setting session facilitation
  • Preparation of a final report detailing recommended actions to improve and promote the program’s continuity of operations
  • Stakeholder interviews and surveys.

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