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I-40 Highway Traffic Noise Analysis and Mitigation

Noise and air mitigation strategies reduce traffic noise and improve air quality along the I-40 widening project.
  • Interstate 40

    Highly sensitive field instruments measure traffic noise along Interstate 40.

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Davie and Forsyth Counties, North Carolina

Our Role
Noise Analysis, Noise Mitigation.

  • Noise abatement measures reduce traffic noise 
  • Reduced traffic congestion and air emissions improve regional air quality.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is widening Interstate 40 from four to six lanes to address the limited capacity of the existing highway and to ease congestion during heavy rush hour traffic. Facilities in the area that will be impacted by increased noise and air emissions include residences, a church, soccer fields, and a historic barn.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming conducted traffic noise analysis for more than two miles of I-40. The firm performed traffic noise field measurements, noise model validation, and noise analyses for existing, future no-build, and future build scenarios. Upon determining the potential impact, noise abatement measures were investigated using noise-sensitive receptors. To determine the best location for a noise wall, Gannett Fleming evaluated options to avoid or minimize noise impacts during barrier construction and unnecessary vegetation removal. An environmental summary and noise analysis also were prepared.
The results of the Federal Highway Administration Traffic Noise Model Version 2.5 analysis showed that noise barriers were warranted in four locations. Our firm provided structural design, noise barrier envelopes, and the acoustic profile for 6,450 feet of noise barriers.

Key Features

  • Noise barriers range from 13.5 to 18.5 feet in height.

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