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Forest Park Water Treatment Plant Expansion

Innovative approach to expand water capacity and improve water quality, while remaining in facility’s existing footprint.
  • Expanded Forest Park Water Treatment Plant-Gannett Fleming

    The expanded Forest Park Water Treatment Plant doubled its capacity to 40 mgd.

  • Custom membrane service access platform-Gannett Fleming

    A moveable platform provides access to reinstall membrane racks.

  • Wastewater equalization basins with floating plate settlers-Gannett Fleming

    Wastewater equalization basins operate in 20-foot range with floating plate settlers.

Forest Park Water

Chalfont, Pennsylvania

Our Role
Study, Permitting, Final Design Services, Construction Services.

40 mgd
Construction Cost
$34.45 million
5 years
  • Innovative techniques double plant capacity
  • Improves water quality by using membrane filtration
  • Provides benchmark by which to model membrane designs of future water treatment plants
  • Provides lowest possible life-cycle costs for plant.

Innovative technology enabled the Forest Park Water Treatment Plant to double its capacity from 20 mgd to 40 mgd, while maintaining service during construction and remaining in the facility’s existing footprint for the process treatment components of the design. The Gannett Fleming design features the first installation of telescoping vacuum sludge collectors and the first installation of deep-tank floating wastewater plate settlers in the U.S.

The expanded facility also contains the largest membrane filtration system in the eastern U.S. and is the largest facility to complete a sand-to-membrane filter conversion in the eastern U.S. These and other innovations make this water treatment plant an example of smart growth, one that meets the future water demands of a rapidly growing area in an eco-friendly manner.

What We Did

In addition to providing project planning services, our firm examined alternatives for increasing plant capacity and estimated capital and operating costs. Our staff worked closely with vendors to ensure their equipment could fit in the space available. Additionally, we developed specifications for the membrane equipment and administered a pre-purchase bid and contract to compress the project schedule. Creating a detailed sequence of construction allowed the construction to proceed with minimal interruptions to plant operations.  

Gannett Fleming also provided supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system expansion design services, as well as programmable logic controller (PLC) and onsite startup services, for the installation of various components. Additionally, our firm performed electrical design services for the installation of a medium-voltage generator system to be used as standby power. During the construction phase, our staff was in residence for field engineering and construction management.

Key Features

  • Meets future water demands from growing population
  • Satisfies the most stringent drinking water guidelines
  • Showcases socially responsible and sustainable design.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Discharge water treated to a level of quality that supports aquatic life
  • Maximized available space and consolidated complex treatment processes while not requiring land acquisition from surrounding community
  • Trucks no longer transport chlorine gas cylinders to plant as a result of onsite hypochlorite generation.

Awards & Recognition

  • Honor Award, 2009, American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania, Engineering Excellence Awards.

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