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Coal Terminal Stormwater Collection System Design and Installation

Stormwater collection system implementation results in healthier discharge creek.
  • Stormwater collection allows for the removal of fines from the flow -Gannett Fleming

    Stormwater collection allows for the removal of fines from the flow.


Toledo, Ohio

Our Role
Stormwater Collection System Design and Installation.

  • Stormwater collection system removes fines from water, protecting bay.

A confidential rail client retained Gannett Fleming to design and install a stormwater collection system at a rail-to-ship transfer facility where coal fines were falling off or being blown off the transfer system. Recognizing that the fines had the potential to cause an adverse impact to the stormwater that would eventually discharge into an adjacent bay, Gannett Fleming designed an environmentally sound stormwater collection system to remove fines from the flow and protect the bay.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming completed initial design to determine the proper grade of the surface and underground conveyance piping. Intermediate drop boxes were placed throughout the collection system piping to allow sediment in the stormwater to drop out of the flow and collect in the boxes. The system conveys stormwater to a collection area in the discharge creek that further allows for removal of fines from the flow.

Key Features

  • Asphalt pavement throughout the site conveys the surface runoff to catch basins
  • Drop boxes consist of two 10-foot-deep chambers.

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