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New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 8 Toll Plaza Design

First LEED® Silver toll plaza in the U.S. confirms New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s commitment to sustainability.
  • The New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 8 Toll Plaza is energy efficient-Gannett Fleming

    Energy-saving features of the new toll plaza include daylighting and a high-efficiency HVAC system.

New Jersey Turnpike Authority
East Windsor Township, New Jersey
Our Role
7,600 square feet
Construction Cost:
$9.9 million
New Construction
4 years
  •  Toll plaza increases capacity for cars entering and exiting turnpike
  • Earth-friendly features confirm NJTA’s commitment to sustainability.

Built as part of a $2.3 billion, 35-mile-long turnpike widening program, the Interchange 8 toll plaza increases traveler safety and reduces congestion at the busy interchange. The plaza’s original standard canopy design with supports at every other island was modified to a two-span structure with columns only on the outer edges and behind the roadway median barrier to accommodate traffic flow. Its 10 lanes are wider than previous turnpike standards, giving cars more room to negotiate the tolling lanes.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming designed the new toll plaza with an unconventional appeal. Its design is a modification the NJTA’s traditional style to incorporate environmental, safety, and future tolling enhancements. The toll plaza building is the NJTA’s first LEED certified project and represents their standard for sustainable projects in the future. 

Key Features

  • Energy-absorbing crash attenuators increase plaza safety
  • Toll lanes wider than previous turnpike standards.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Uses 15 percent less energy and 40 percent less potable water annually than a typical facility 
  • Windows positioned to maximize natural light
  • Paints, carpets, and adhesives emit fewer low-volatile organic compounds
  • High-efficiency heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system uses less energy
  • Landscaping using native plants does not require irrigation
  • Green cleaning program incorporates biodegradable cleaning products.

Awards & Recognition

  • Silver LEED rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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