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Cross River Falls Pumping Station

Proactive approach to water management keeps water flowing to New York City in times of drought. 
  • The Cross River Pumping Station’s pumping capacity was doubled from 27 mgd to 60 mgd–Gannett Fleming

    The Cross River Pumping Station’s pumping capacity was doubled from 27 mgd to 60 mgd.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Joint venture with Arcadis

Bedford, New York

Our Role
Mechanical, Electrical, Security, Permitting.

60 mgd pumping station
Construction Cost
$21.3 million
New Construction
3 years
  • New pumping station supplements New York City’s water supply by 60 mgd
  • Simple yet robust design minimizes maintenance and maximizes reliability
  • Increased security measures protect water quality.

Built as part of the New York Department of Environmental Protection’s (NYDEP) proactive approach to water management, the reconstructed Cross River Pumping Station ensures that New York City residents can depend on clean, crisp water to flow from their taps in times of drought. Age, condition, and limited pumping capacity necessitated the replacement of the original 1940s hydraulic pumps and shaft structures. Once powered by a hydraulically driven pump with 27 mgd of pumping capacity, the facility now boasts three 20 mgd, 1,250-horsepower pumps that have more than doubled capacity to 60 mgd. To handle the doubled capacity, a new 4,160-volt electrical substation powers the pumps and permits the station to operate more reliably under a wider range of conditions.

What We Did

Gannett Fleming performed engineering design services, including site security and mechanical and electrical improvements. Those improvements included removing the hydraulically driven pump station and installing electric motor-driven pumps; replacing gates and operators; replacing electrical substations; and replacing meters, piping, and flow-measuring equipment. The three 20 mgd pumps have 1,250 horsepower each and a total dynamic head of 160 feet. Single stage, horizontal split-case centrifugal pumps minimize the cost of exercising the pumps monthly, provide operational flexibility, and are the best pump arrangement and horsepower for the design flow range.

Key Features

  • New 4,160-volt electrical pump increases capacity
  • Crash gates, barriers, and fences improve security.

Awards & Recognition

  • Gold Award in Environmental Category, 2015, American Council of Engineering Companies of New York, Engineering Excellence Awards.

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