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Harrisburg Cross River Connections Study

Optimizing connections between Pennsylvania’s capital city and surrounding West Shore communities.
  • Cross River Connections Study - Gannett Fleming

    The study enhanced transportation mobility and safety for all modes, with its primary focus on bicycle and pedestrian travel.

  • Cross River Connections Study - Gannett Fleming.

    The study evaluated four bridges connecting Harrisburg to the west shore of the Susquehanna River.

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission and Harrisburg Area Transportation Study

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Our Role

2 years
  • Developed alternatives for the near-, mid-, and long terms
  • Improved current and future mobility
  • Improved safety for all modes of transportation.

Gannett Fleming identified multi-modal solutions to address congestion and mobility issues in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania region, specifically bridges crossing the Susquehanna River. 

Through both the Connections Study and the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study (HATS) Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Study, solutions were developed to address safety and mobility for all modes of transportation and were immediately added to the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

What We Did

This study was conducted for the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission through the Harrisburg Area Transportation Study (HATS), in cooperation with PennDOT. The scope involved evaluating four bridges connecting the City of Harrisburg to the municipalities on the West Shore of the Susquehanna River—the M. Harvey Taylor Bridge, Walnut Street Bridge, Market Street Bridge, and the CAT (former Cumberland Valley Railroad) Bridge. The purpose of the study was to evaluate and enhance existing connections between the City of Harrisburg and West Shore communities while improving safety and mobility for all modes of transportation, both currently and in the future.

Gannett Fleming conducted the study and produced the corresponding report.

Key Features

  • Origin/destination survey of users on the Market Street Bridge

  • Roadway safety audit of bridges and approaches

  • Vehicle/pedestrian counts to analyze operations

  • Bridge structural characteristics evaluation

  • Environmental conditions analysis

  • Conceptual alternatives development.

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