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Mon-Fayette Expressway Uniontown to Brownsville

The Mon-Fayette Expressway provides a safer and faster travel alternative while preserving U.S. Route 40.   

  • The historic Mon-Fayette Expressway’s profile follows the region’s undulating topography.

  • Mon/Fayette Expressway Uniontown to Brownsville bridges-Gannett Fleming

    The 17-mile corridor contains 37 unique bridges, totaling four miles in length.

  • Mon/Fayette Expressway Uniontown to Brownsville Highway Construction-Gannett Fleming

    The new Mon-Fayette Expressway features the same scenery as historic U.S. Route 40.

  • Mon/Fayette Expressway Uniontown to Brownsville toll plazas-Gannett Fleming.

    The Mon-Fayette Expressway features toll plazas with electronic toll collection, allowing for quicker and safer travel.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

A&A Consultants, Maguire Group, Monaloh Basin Engineers, Tri-State Design & Development

Uniontown to Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Our Role
Design Management.

17 miles
Construction Cost
$875 million
New Construction
10 years
  • Created a new, primary route of travel in the region
  • Improved traveler safety and relieved congestion
  • Preserved historic U.S. Route 40 and the nearby landmarks.

With goals to improve traveler safety, relieve congestion, spur economic growth, protect viewsheds, and preserve historic U.S. Route 40, the 17-mile Mon-Fayette Expressway Uniontown to Brownsville segment provides a new, four-lane, high-speed travel route in western Pennsylvania. The Uniontown to Brownsville project was the third completed segment of a 60-mile, limited-access highway that connects I-68 near Morgantown, West Virginia, with I-376 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The project includes six grade-separated interchanges with four of diamond configuration, one split diamond interchange, and one multilevel, fully-directional interchange. There are ramp toll facilities at four of the interchanges, one mainline toll facility, and one maintenance site within the corridor. In addition, there are 37 bridges, comprising four miles of total length within the 17-mile corridor.

What We Did

As design manager, Gannett Fleming facilitated the development of economical design solutions to meet the needs of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC). This was accomplished by nurturing a close working relationship between PTC, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the construction manager, project stakeholders, and the project design team. This facilitation included frequent design and constructability reviews, tailored to provide efficient project execution. 

To foster a collaborative dialogue throughout the design process and enforce standardization of protocols and details, the PTC and Gannett Fleming developed 12 Guiding Principles for Design and Construction, which now serve as a model for highway and bridge construction on a high-speed, limited-access corridor. Since the completion of the expressway, motorists have a safer, expedient travel alternative, while U.S. Route 40 has been preserved to promote tourism. Saving money for individuals and corporations alike, goods are transported more efficiently, fuel consumption is curtailed, and vehicle wear-and-tear is reduced.

Key Features

  • 37 bridges comprising four miles of total length
  • Alignment parallel to U.S. Route 40 does not impact the historic highway’s views
  • Development of PTC’s 12 Guiding Principles for Design and Construction
  • Four high-speed lanes of limited-access highway
  • Six grade-separated interchanges
  • Toll facilities at four interchanges and one mainline toll facility.

Sustainability Features & Outcomes

  • Expressway supports the historic preservation of U.S. Route 40
  • Reduced congestion on adjacent routes
  • Stimulated the local economy and opened the way for economic development.

Awards & Recognition

  • Award of Merit, 2012, American Society of Civil Engineers Pittsburgh Chapter, Engineering Awards
  • Grand Conceptor Award, 2014, American Council of Engineering Companies Pennsylvania, Diamond Awards for Engineering Excellence
  • National Recognition Award, 2014, American Council of Engineering Companies, Engineering Excellence Awards.

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