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Woodson and Hall Join Gannett Flemings Security and Safety Services Team

Stanley Woodson, PhD, PE, and Robert Hall, PhD
Stanley Woodson, PhD, PE, and Robert Hall, PhD
(Harrisburg, Pa.)

Accomplished blast analysis professionals Stanley Woodson, PhD, PE, and Robert Hall, PhD, joined Gannett Fleming’s Security and Safety Services Team. Woodson, a senior engineer and blast consultant, provides innovative solutions to complex problems in critical infrastructure design for government, transit, petro-chemical, and energy clients throughout the U.S. Hall, a senior technical advisor, performs vulnerability assessments, seismic analysis, and retrofit design of concrete dams and other concrete hydraulic structures for dam clients throughout the U.S.

“With decades of experience in blast research and forensic investigations, Stan and Robert understand key security and safety issues facing the nation’s infrastructure, as well as how to protect those interests from accidental or intentional explosions,” said McEwan van der Mandele, CPP, a Gannett Fleming vice president and the Security and Safety Services Team Director. “Combined with the strength of our structural and dam engineers, Stan and Robert offer our clients unparalleled design solutions.”

Woodson’s 33-year tenure at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center developed his extensive knowledge of nuclear blasts, conventional weapons and improvised explosive effects, earthquake engineering, and blast mitigation. He evaluated the response of structures to blast effects and led teams in conducting forensic investigations of explosive blast events, such as the 1993 World Trade Center and 1995 Oklahoma City bombings, as well as participated in the Pentagon rebuild retrofit program study following 9/11. Recognized for the strength of his research, Woodson contributed to instructional manuals on structure design and rehabilitation techniques.

Based in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Woodson holds both a bachelor of civil engineering and master of civil engineering from Mississippi State University and a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of Illinois. He is a registered professional engineer in Mississippi.

With 44 years of experience, Hall serves on advisory boards throughout the world related to dam risk assessment and safety and supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s research on predicting crack growth in concrete gravity dams. Deepening his understanding of dam safety, he led a 166-person team with an annual budget of $90 million to research flood control and seismology. He developed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ research program for the blast response of critical infrastructure, including geotechnical and concrete dams and lock structures.

Hall holds a bachelor of civil engineering from Auburn University, a master of civil engineering from Mississippi State University, and a doctorate in civil engineering from Oklahoma State University. Active in professional societies, he is a member of the Society of American Military Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Concrete Institute, and the U.S. Society on Dams.

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