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Two Gannett Fleming Projects Receive ACEC NY Diamond Awards

(Harrisburg, Pa.)

The American Council of Engineering Companies of New York (ACEC New York) presented Diamond Awards to Gannett Fleming for the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Grit Removal Facility Improvements and the NYCDEP Reconstruction of the Croton Falls Pumping Station projects during its 2018 Engineering Excellence Awards Gala on April 7.

  • Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, located in Nassau County, New York - Gannett Fleming.

    Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant

    The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, located in Nassau County, New York, provides more than 550,000 residents and commercial businesses with reliable wastewater service. The initial grit removal system, built in 1986, needed major updates as it used detritor tanks with bulky conveyors, belts, and scrapers that required extensive and costly routine repairs.

    Gannett Fleming introduced an unconventional vortex grit chamber solution, using centrifugal forces of the wastewater channel to remove the grit. The new system resulted in a 50 percent increase in efficiency per day and introduced a new method to improve performance for all grit removal systems.

  • Croton Falls Pumping Station located in Carmel, New York - Gannett Fleming.

    Croton Falls Pumping Station

    The Croton Falls Pumping Station located in Carmel, New York, directs water from the Croton watershed to the Delaware Aqueduct to prevent drought conditions in New York City when the Delaware and Catskill watersheds’ water levels are low. The original 1940s hydraulic driven pumps and shaft structures provided 60 million gallons per day (mgd) of pumping capacity. The age, condition, and limited capacity necessitated the replacement of this facility’s equipment.

    The joint venture Gannett Fleming/Arcadis team performed engineering design services for the project. The new station can handle a capacity of 180 mgd, tripling its original capacity, and can operate more reliably under a wider range of conditions. Additionally, the station can now pump water from the Croton system when future repairs start on the Delaware Aqueduct, ensuring reliable delivery of water to the city and upstate communities.

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