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Towson Reservoir Earns ASCE Maryland's Top Project Honors

The Towson Finished Water Reservoir replacement project - Gannett Fleming
Gannett Fleming's Towson Finished Water Reservoir replacement project earned a 2015 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award from the Maryland Section of ASCE.
(Baltimore, Md.)

The Maryland Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) named the Towson Finished Water Reservoir replacement project its 2015 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement award winner for the $20 million or less category. This new, $19 million reservoir, provides a sustainable supply of drinking water for 100,000 Baltimore residents.

Owned by the City of Baltimore, Maryland, Department of Public Works, the new reservoir serves residents in the eastern third zone of the city. As engineer of record for the project, Gannett Fleming prepared the design report, designed the facility, prepared the construction documents, and provided consulting services during construction.

“Our staff takes pride in delivering excellent projects within the communities we serve,” said W. Arthur Barrett, II, PE, Gannett Fleming senior vice president. “To complete an award-winning project that will supply drinking water to neighborhoods near our Baltimore office is truly an honor.”

Originally built in 1927, the reservoir is the only finished drinking water storage facility in Baltimore’s eastern third zone. A new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule regarding contaminants required a number of upgrades to be made at the plant. That rule, in addition to leaking problems discovered at the facility, led the Department of Public Works to replace the reservoir.

Built with 15,000 cubic yards of concrete and 550 tons of reinforcing steel, the new reservoir is up to the EPA standard and eliminated the leaking issue that was impacting the surrounding community. On December 20, 2013, the final basin was completed and the reservoir is now a fully functioning part of the city’s and Baltimore County’s water supply system. It will meet the area’s projected drinking water demand requirements through the year 2025.

The ASCE Maryland section Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement awards are presented to an individual, civil engineering firm, or governmental agency primarily responsible for conceiving and/or developing the technical aspects of an engineering project primarily related to the field of civil engineering.

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