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Noble Named to SEGS Board

Clint Noble, PG
Clint Noble, PG
(Jacksonville, Fla.)

The Southeastern Geological Society (SEGS) elected Gannett Fleming’s Clint Noble, PG, to a one-year term as vice president of the board. Based in the firm’s Jacksonville, Florida, office, Noble oversees business development and operations as an environmental manager for the Southeast Region.

Along with assisting the SEGS president, Noble’s main responsibility as vice president is to serve as chairperson for four geology dig field trips in 2016. Noble has been a member of the group since 2010 and joined the field trip committee in 2013. Upon completion of his term as vice president, Noble will become the SEGS president.

SEGS is a non-profit educational outreach group that advocates exposure to the natural sciences. With membership extending from the Florida Keys to Alabama, this group holds monthly meetings, presents at local schools and colleges, and organizes four field excursions each year, which are open to SEGS members as well as the general public. These events provide a valuable professional networking forum for geologists and related disciplines.

“Our main mission is to expose our members and the community to environmental resources and the science of geology in the field,” said Noble. “We’re grateful to be able to do this through our field trips and outreach projects. We’ve had up to 80 people attend a single field excursion, including students, teachers, academia, industry leaders, and researchers.”

Noble is a licensed professional geologist with 13 years of industry experience in environmental assessments, remediation, and management of contaminated lands throughout the southeastern U.S. His broad experience includes water resources evaluations, geotechnical investigations, civil construction, management, and mining.

A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, Noble holds a bachelor of science in geosciences.

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