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Gannett Fleming Establishes Cartographic Standards for State of Qatar Maps

Established symbols, colors, and patterns will aid in the production of the country's maps and ensure consistent appearance

Large-scale sample map of the landscape in cartographic details of an urban community - Gannett Fleming.

The large-scale sample map displays cartographic details of the newly developed Qatar-Pearl community.

(Harrisburg, Pa.) Gannett Fleming has successfully completed the design and implementation of cartographic standards and symbology for the maps of the State of Qatar, in partnership with The Centre for Geographic Information Systems, The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (CGIS- MME). 

The unique mapping brand and symbol fonts meet international color standards and the requirements of national mapping agencies, and they will be applied in the creation of the country’s official print and online maps. Gannett Fleming developed a new mapping Technical Guide and Style Guide, which include map automation and generalization tools that incorporate the new standards. This resource reduces the amount of time necessary to create multi-scale maps, improves the overall quality of the maps, and ensures consistency across all maps created by CGIS-MME.

“Gannett Fleming delivered a new range of cartographic standards and guidelines to help develop a mapping brand for CGIS. The result incorporated international best standards with the requirements of the local Qatari context,” said Mr. Manaf Al-Sada, director, CGIS-MME. “Gannett Fleming performed all of its tasks with a high level of quality and attention to detail. The new standards will help provide guidance to CGIS staff in enhancing the new maps for the State of Qatar.” 

Gannett Fleming launched the project by engaging key stakeholders in a detailed analysis of the requirements and the existing spatial data, then developed the color palettes and symbology that included points of interest, road networks, building footprints, vegetation, and hydrology. 

“CGIS has produced various topographic maps since 1990; however, they had never implemented cartographic standards for its map series,” said Hazem Barakat, PhD., project director at Gannett Fleming. “Gannett Fleming has spent the past year establishing standards for the State of Qatar that adhere to international best practices. To be involved in this significant stage of a country’s mapping efforts is especially rewarding for us – we know that citizens, scientists, and officials will use these standards for many years to come.”  

To support CGIS-MME’s new mapping brand, Gannett Fleming also created standards for online mapping that allow CGIS-MME to create traditional and hybrid map formats that use satellite imagery and generate online maps using the new cartography symbology and colors. In addition, the Gannett Fleming team provided technical guidance, training, and five scale maps to help ensure CGIS-MME is well positioned to employ its new cartographic mapping standards.

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