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Gannett Fleming Employees Recognized at 2019 USSD Conference

Dina Hunt, PE and Frank Calcagno Jr., RG - Gannett Fleming.
Dina Hunt (left) and Frank Calcagno Jr. received recognition at the 2019 United States Society on Dams Annual Conference in Chicago from April 8-11.
(Harrisburg, Pa.)

Two Gannett Fleming employees received recognition at the 2019 United States Society on Dams (USSD) Annual Conference in Chicago from April 8-11.

Dina Hunt, PE, Gannett Fleming earthquake hazard engineer, started her three-year term as a member of the USSD board of directors. Hunt will help ensure USSD follows through with its mission to advance the role of dam and levee systems and build the community of practice. In 2017, she chaired the USSD conference planning committee that organized the technical conference program, 5K FUNds Run, and field tours and assembled the opening session, plenary session, and lunch presentations. She is also an active member of the USSD Earthquake Committee. Hunt’s expertise includes site specific seismic hazard evaluations using probabilistic and deterministic approaches as well as developing design time histories. She has an in-depth knowledge of seismic codes and design guides as well as research experience in seismology.

Frank Calcagno Jr., RG, Gannett Fleming senior security advisor and engineering geologist, received the USSD Public Safety and Security Recognition Award at the annual conference. USSD acknowledged Calcagno for his contributions to public safety and security related to the dam industry. Calcagno provides consulting and technical services on emergency preparedness and management, physical security, potential failure modes analysis, and engineering geology analysis of dams and appurtenant structures for hydropower projects. His expertise involves development of security risk management at a national strategic level that impacts security principles for physical protection systems. Calcagno has led programs with a responsibility for the oversight and security portfolio management of more than 2,500 U.S. dams. 

More than 700 professionals from consulting firms, state and federal government, and academia attended the annual event, which had a theme of rebuilding and modernization to adapt to changing public needs.

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