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Gannett Fleming & Phoenix Contact Lead IoT Infrastructure Conference

Bob Scaer Interview
Chairman and CEO Bob Scaer conducts an interview during the Gannett Fleming/Phoenix Contact event on Aug. 14.
(Harrisburg, Pa.)

On Aug. 14, Gannett Fleming and Phoenix Contact USA co-hosted “Impact of IoT on Infrastructure in a SMART World,” an educational workshop featuring energized discussions about how to gather, organize, and analyze relevant data, secure communication infrastructures, and implement smart transportation technologies.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution can be characterized by the fusion of technologies, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the convergence of the physical, digital, and even biological,” said Bob Scaer, PE, Gannett Fleming chairman and CEO, in his keynote address. “These evolving technologies will impact our world rather dramatically and will create terrific opportunities for all of us.”

Industry leaders who presented on legislative changes and technological advances include:

  • Pennsylvania State Rep. Greg Rothman, R-Cumberland
  • Leo Bagley, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation executive deputy secretary
  • Nolan Ritchie, Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee executive director
  • Deepak Gopalakrishna, Inner City Fund principal
  • Andrew Hacker, MistIQ Technologies Inc. president
  • Dr. John Anderson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania doctoral coordinator and professor
  • Laurie Matkowski, Gannett Fleming director of connected and automated vehicle services.

“Gannett Fleming and Phoenix Contact are encouraging our teams to think about these smart concepts now,” said Eric Rensel, Gannett Fleming vice president and conference coordinator. “We are embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution because our employees will be leaders in this next frontier.”

Harrisburg’s CBS21 and Fox43 television news stations reported on this conference.

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