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Connected Women - Gannett Fleming
Author: Judy Hricak, CPSM, CiPP, Vice President and Chief Communications Officer
A little over a year ago, we launched Connected Women at Gannett Fleming™. With a mission to create a culture that empowers, supports, and mentors women to achieve career and personal success at Gannett Fleming, this award-winning employee resource group has galvanized women across the firm to create an environment of inclusion, equality, and opportunity. In the words of Gannett Fleming Chairman and CEO Bob Scaer, “Connected Women has moved mountains, and as a result, built a model for the rest of the company. But our work is just beginning.”

In preparation for our Connected Women 2018 Annual Meeting, I read the McKinsey & Company/LeanIn 2018 Women in the Workplace study. As a female c-suite executive, I was a bit discouraged that in 2018 women still struggle for equal footing in the corporate world. These struggles never crossed my mind when I was in college; I wish I would have been more prepared. My discouragement was short-lived because, at Gannett Fleming, our culture is changing. I also was incredibly excited to meet with my fellow Connected Women Steering Committee members as we mapped our three-year strategic action plan (SAP). 

The McKinsey & Company report states, “To achieve equality, companies must turn good intentions into concrete actions.” And that is exactly what we are doing. The Connected Women SAP is full of actions that will continue to improve our culture of inclusion and equity. In McKinsey’s Roadmap to Gender Equality, they state that it is imperative that senior leaders and managers champion diversity. We are well on our way to achieving this, through Connected Allies, a powerful subcommittee launched by Connected Women earlier this year. 

On November 7, we hosted a Livestream broadcast for our employees titled, “The Workplace of the Future – Creating an Inclusive Environment Where Everyone Can Thrive.” Industry leaders Kathy Pape, Joanne Ladley, Myneca Ojo, and Luis Casado joined us to share their wisdom. The message was loud and clear: gender equality is neither a female issue nor a male issue. It is everyone’s issue, and everyone has a part to play in addressing it; not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is an economic imperative.

We are moving the needle at Gannett Fleming as evidenced by our 3 percent increase in total number of female employees from one year ago, and our 14 percent reduction, from three years ago, in voluntary turnover of female employees. With executive support, an action-packed SAP, and the growing network of Connected Women and their allies, I can’t wait to see where we are one year from now. 

Meet our Connected Women Steering Committee.

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