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Gannett Fleming: Innovative Solutions, Improved Communities

At the helm of Gannett Fleming you’ll find a dynamic group of leaders that includes some of the best and brightest talent in the industry. From our board of directors to the senior executives supporting them, each is a visionary in his or her own right. They include innovators, problem solvers, thought leaders, trainers, authors, and educators who foster a culture of excellence for our employees and your projects.

The leaders of Gannett Fleming are stewards, guiding the firm based on principles of smart growth, innovation, ethical business practices, and technical excellence.

Our board of directors and senior leadership are driven to Amaze our clients and become their trusted advisor while at the same time, provide a rewarding work environment for our employees.

Board of Directors

  • Robert Scaer, PE

    Robert Scaer, PE

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Nowicki, PE

    Paul Nowicki, PE

    President & Chief Operating Officer

  • Peter Bernhardt

    Peter Bernhardt

    Former President and CEO
    PC Construction 

    South Burlington, Vermont

  • John Derr, PE

    John Derr, PE

    Executive Vice President
  • Salvatore Fazzolari, CPA, CISA

    Salvatore Fazzolari, CPA, CISA

    Former Chairman, President, and CEO
    Harsco Corporation
    Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Art Hoffmann, PE, DGE

    Art Hoffmann, PE, DGE

    Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

  • John Kenny, PE

    John Kenny, PE

    Executive Vice President
  • Jon Kessler, CPA

    Jon Kessler, CPA

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • John Kovacs, PE, PMP, DGE

    John Kovacs, PE, PMP, DGE

    Executive Vice President
  • Esther McGinnis

    Esther McGinnis

    Executive Vice President
  • Lynne Miller

    Lynne Miller

    Former President and CEO
    Environmental Strategies Corporation
    Reston, Virginia

  • Bryan Mulqueen, PE

    Bryan Mulqueen, PE

    Executive Vice President

Senior Leadership

  • Art Barrett, PE

    Art Barrett, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email Art
  • John Buchheit, PE, DBIA

    John Buchheit, PE, DBIA

    Senior Vice President & Corporate Risk and Quality Officer
    Email John
  • George Campanella, PE

    George Campanella, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email George
  • Luis Casado, PE

    Luis Casado, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email Luis
  • Anthony C Ferruccio

    Anthony Ferruccio, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email Anthony
  • Mark Johnson

    Mark Johnson

    Senior Vice President
    Email Mark
  • Jim Laurita, PE

    Jim Laurita, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email Jim
  • Paul Lewis, PE

    Paul Lewis, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email Paul
  • William Plumpton

    William Plumpton

    Senior Vice President
    Email William
  • Matt Schiemer, PE

    Matt Schiemer, PE

    Vice President
    Email Matt
  • Terry Snow, PE - Gannett Fleming.

    Terry Snow, PE

    Senior Vice President
    Email Terry
  • Audrey Daly

    Audrey Daly

    Vice President, General Counsel, & Corporate Ethics Officer
    Email Audrey
  • Judy Hricak

    Judy Hricak, CPSM, CiPP

    Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
    Email Judy 
  • Paula Loht, CIH, CSP

    Corporate Safety Manager
    E-mail Paula